Frame-Off Restorations

The team at Carriage House Restorations is highly skilled at performing award winning restorations that collect best of show awards at the most prestigious competitions in the country. We perform the services for these restorations in our facility. We utilize select vendors for specialty services and we evaluate their performance to ensure the highest quality results for our customers. The Carriage House name is synonymous with “best in show”.

Our frame-off services can be utilized for full concours restorations where every detail of the vehicle must be returned to the exact condition that was present when the vehicle left the factory. We have the ability to locate the components and professional advisors to guide your concours restoration to the best level possible and the highest value for your investment.

We also utilize frame-off restoration techniques for non-concours restorations. Removing the body from the frame and fully restoring the body and chassis allows access to the full body sheet metal to remove the affects of age and corrosion. Vehicles that undergo non-concours restorations are typically built for local car shows and cruise ins. We have several examples of past vehicles built this way.

Frame-On Restorations

Frame-on restorations are builds in which the vehicle is not fully disassembled and separated from it’s chassis. This build option is typically engaged for cars that are intended to be heavily driven and enjoyed by the enthusiast. Typically, these vehicles are in good condition and the chassis is solid with no structural issues.

Sometimes these builds are started by the vehicle owner and then we are engaged to finish the build or certain portions of the work that the vehicle owner elects to have us perform.

Frame-on builds are highly customizable by the owner with our team. These vehicles are typically the canvas for some of the most creative builds we perform.

RestoMod and Hotrod Builds

As much as we love the beauty and historical significance of 1,000 pt concours restoration, we also love to modify these vehicles. Our team has the ability and experience to create unique hot rod versions of the cars you love.

RestoMod builds have become hugely popular in the car hobby. These builds, simply stated, blend classic car beauty with modern power trains, chassis, brake systems and suspensions to provide handling and performance that the original designers of the classic cars could not imagine. Our team can help you in selecting the right blend of modern for your classic to fit within your dreams and budget.

Hot Rod builds can take many forms. From the chopped top smoothed 1950 Merc to the iconic 1932 ford hotrods. The key to being a good hot rod builder is to be an admirer of all forms of this unique expression of passion in the custom car world. We have the experience to chop, channel, section and create the wicked version of your dream car. The options are endless.


Our ASE certified technicians and engine machinists will apply years of rebuilding knowledge and experience to the restoration of all types and years of cars and engines. Poured bearings, and other obsolete engine technologies are available to maintain mechanical authenticity. Upgrades are available to allow “drivers” to use today’s fuels and lubricants but still appear totally original. Starters, generators, water and fuel pumps, and other components are renewed or replaced with original or improved versions that maintain factory appearance.

The engine block, heads, and external components can be powder coated for durability and to restore the original showroom new appearance. Nuts, bolts, carburetors, and other components are plated, polished, or coated to ensure authentic appearance.
Total attention to every detail assures a reliable engine that performs as well as it looks.


In addition to restoring classical power trains, our team of mechanics have a twisted side and can design modifications for virtually any power train to extract significant performance gains. Our team can build the engine you have dreamed of for your vehicle. Ask us about these exciting alternatives to stock rebuilds! If you can imagine it, we can build it.

We are so passionate about performance that we have developed three performance build levels for virtually every vehicle model. These levels are:

Stage 1 – Cruiser (400 HP)

Stage 2 – Dominator (500 – 750 HP)

Stage 3 – Annihilator (1,000 HP)

Ask us about these exciting alternatives to stock rebuilds! If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Chassis Restoration

Frames are inspected, straightened and chemically dipped or media blasted along with other chassis related components. All are then either powder coated or painted as specified by the customer. Special attention is given to restoration of the authentic color, plating and finish including brackets, lines, attaching parts and even nuts and bolts. Suspension, brakes, and other chassis systems are restored to “as-new” or “better-than-new” condition using only the finest parts and materials. After final vehicle assembly, the chassis receives a precise four-wheel alignment using our Hunter electronic alignment system.

Our team also has the experience and knowledge to modify and modernize classic chassis to improve the safety, performance and handling of these components. Non-stock power levels in your vehicle require a system design approach to ensure that the chassis is capable of supporting the horse power levels that modern powertrains can deliver. Our team can discuss options for your project to provide chassis improvements for your project.

Metal Fabrication

Our highly skilled metal craftsmen are capable of fabricating the most complex patch panels, replacement sheet metal components and custom fabrications using time-tested techniques along with the most modern equipment. Full panel replacement is available including original quality lead-filled seams and spot welds. When replacement panels are not available, our craftsmen are capable of fabricating even the most complex shapes.

Special attention is given to original details such as drain holes and factory stamping marks. Panel, door, and component fit, that far surpasses factory standards, is our specialty.

Metal Polishing

Attention to detail is what separates our metal polishing from that offered by other shops. Ours is a multi-step process that includes cleaning, dent removal or reshaping, and ultra-fine sanding. Components are then final-polished to a perfect mirror finish. Polishing is available for stainless, aluminum, copper, and brass.